Friday, October 16, 2009

Looks like they got my AirConditioner/Heater AGAIN!

I've never seen folks so irresponsible as these golfers!
They just apparently don't give a hoot - I mean it would probably cost less to just put up some type of netting to prevent this - than to constantly make ill-will among their neighbors!
But some one and they know who it is, makes my property a direct hit - I guess they figure we can't figure out who it is!

More tournament Golfers

The Golfers apparently at the Tournament or Fund raiser
Bad Boys!

These are the Culprits

The white tent in the photo is where they had the Auction for the Golfing tournament

Goflers on the days I find balls in the front yard

More on the Golf Balls in the Yard Story....

Found this one this morning

Found all of these a few days around the date on the photo

Again found in my front yard the afternoon of the date on the picture
I don't know - seems to me the Golf Club would put some type of netting up around that #1 hole so they won't have to pay for damages to property - this by the way is a trespass and loss of enjoyment to my front yard and porch!

It rained almost all last week - so no golfing - Yahoo!!
The week of the third they had a golfing tournament see the white tent in the photo above - also an auction - raising funds I guess to pay for property damages....:)